Monday, July 8, 2013

Funny thing is, I never really considered Joe Kubert as one of my favorite comic artists, at least while I was growing up. When my tastes had matured sufficiently, I understood his genius, much in the same way I understood the genius of Frank Robbins, Noel Sickles, and Jack Kirby. My favorite run on just about any comic was  Kanigher and Kubert on Enemy Ace in Showcase and Four-Star Battle Tales. And Kubert's run on DC's Tarzan; Kubert's covers for Rima, The Jungle Girl; Sgt. Rock and Easy Co. and so many more. Kubert's influence on modern artists is more subtle that the influence of Kirby, Ditko, or Eisner, but like the work of those artists, it has been thoroughly absorbed into the language of American comics--look for it and you will see it everywhere.