Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Return of Prof. Zachary Nail!

Though Professor Zachary Nail had been cut to ribbons and the ribbons burned to radioactive ash, Len Wein was not even close to having done with excellently named science-villain (see The Phantom Stranger #14, "The Specter Of The Stalking Swamp!"). His city dragged beneath the Everglades by the fetid swamp when Nature could no longer countenance the evil Nail perpetuated in its name, the bad doctor not only survived, but thrived as well!

Aided by an alien race of purple slug-like aliens with tentacle-noses and tusks (lushly rendered by Filipino artist Nestor Redondo), Prof. Nail was soon back to his usual shenanigans: filling up his once gleaming, now battered and sunken city with the world's best and brightest. This time he makes the mistake of kidnaping US Government Agent Matt Cable (say--what branch of the government did you work for, Matt?) and his girlfriend Abigail Arcane, both under the protection of that muck-encrusted mockery of a man, the Swamp Thing.

In a turnabout likely inspired by an episode of The Twilight Zone ("look--there's the signpost up ahead!") it seems that what the purple slug-like aliens really want to do is eat people, not save them. Oops. Nail, ticked that the aliens lied to him, sets his reactor to overload, whereupon the once-gleaming city blows up (again!), this time for good. Or, so it would seem. But has the world really seen the last of the maniacal and truly very conflicted genius of Prof. Zachary Nail?

I would certainly hope not!

"Welcome to New Eden, my friends!"

How long he lay as one dead Prof. Zachary Nail does not know.

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