Saturday, July 2, 2011

Introducing: Prof. Zachary Nail

First appeared as Dr. Terrence Thirteen--a.k.a. Dr. 13, The Ghost Breaker--in the back of The Phantom Stranger #14 in a tale entitled "The Specter of the Stalking Swamp!" by Len Wein and Tony DeZuniga. In his gleaming domed city hidden (!) in the perpetually gloomy interior of Florida's vast Everglades, Professor Zachary Nail would venture forth, disguised as the hideous Swampster, Nail set about abducting the greatest minds on Earth. Therein, he and his brain trust would ride out the coming ecological apocalypse in seclusion and safety.

Two problems with this scenario. Upon arrival in the gleaming and hidden city, Prof. Nail's brainy abductees were rendered brainless zombies via his mind-control ray (stolen from the US Fed's own Majestic-12 experiments?). Also, Nail's domed city was powered by a nuclear reactor, the waste from which was simply dumped nearby. In the end the bad doctor is undone by his inability to live up to his own high ideals. (Of what subject was Professor Nail a professor of? Oddly, he never says.)

Prof. Nail's contradictorily gleaming domed city in the middle of the swamp.

Prof. Zachary Nail, at your service.

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