Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Might Have Been…

I have worked as a graphic designer for several publisher companies, starting with Peregrine Entertainment in the 1990s. Of all the work I have done in that time, the below book covers represent my greatest disappointment—Dark Regions Press. I'd put together a book for C.J. Henderson that was published by Dark Regions; I was contacted by the publisher afterwards and asked to produce some more work. I worked amicably with the publisher on Scott Thomas's The Garden Of Ghosts and was then asked to design the books for the New Voices Of Horror series. Without the benefit of a schedule or regular communication I was subsequently removed from the series and replaced with Dave Barnett of Fat Cat Designs, who went on to unsuccessfully steal elements from my NVOH layouts for his own (inferior) work. The golden lining to all this? I was able to get James Chambers his first limited edition paperback and hardcover published. So it goes.

Volume 1 in the New Voices Of Horror series

Volume 3 cover; the redhead is just a placeholder

My design for Voices From Punktown by Jeff Thomas

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