Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lionheart is Coming!

Something new from John Peters and myself, based on what was supposed to be a throwaway character from one of his 24-Hour Comics (here), but John can't create a character and simply abandon her once her part is played. So he asked me (we were driving home from a pretty decent meal at a restaurant near Colombia) if I had any interest in doing something with the as-yet-unnamed character, to which I replied, "Yeah, sure!"

Within moments of seating myself upon the convenience at his father's home I had the character's name (cribbed from my all-time favorite Vincent Price movie, Theater Of Blood): Edwina Sheridan Kendall Lionheart and an idea to involve Miss Lionheart in adventures with the likes of Frankenstein, Dracula, the Martians from Wells's The War Of The Worlds, Fu Manchu, Cthulhu, and Robur The Conqueror, to name a few.

John and I are currently toiling away on the first part, which pits Lionheart against a distaff Dracula, in the Carpathians and London, circa 1895. Kinda steampunk, kinda Victorian pulp adventure, kinda like the next step in mine and John's comic evolution.

(For the record, the illustration use as a placeholder in the above cover design was stolen—yes, stolen!—from an early print-edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The text along the bottom is a quote from James Whale's The Bride Of Frankenstein.)

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