Saturday, October 31, 2009

Casting The Runes (Again)

While brushing up on Curse Of The Demon, I made mental note of the fact that no less a personage than Kenneth Branagh his own self is in talks to remake Jacques Tourneur's demonic classic. One would hope that the classically-trained Shakespearean actor will scoff at allowing himself to be cast as dull fuddy-duddy Dr. John Holden, skeptical inquirer, and demand the meatier and more vivid role of supernatural impresario Julian Karswell, as essay by the grand Niall MacGinnis in the original.

One can only hope.

Though I am stand firmly in the anti-remake camp (I mean, Christ Almighty, exactly how many remakes of King Kong, et al, do we really need, guys?), I am cautiously optimistic.

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  1. I thought DRAG ME TO HELL already took care of this...